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I like processed food, I do. It’s something fast when you’re hungry and some times it tastes pretty good. I used to eat a lot of processed foods through my teenage and college years. I switched to healthier processed foods by the time I was done with school, but stopped when I realized I couldn’t afford much of it. When Matt and I were together, we ate a lot of processed foods, mostly fast food, really. I gained over ten pounds when he and I were together and was pretty lethargic and sleepy all the time. When he and I broke up, I stopped eating all the fast food and started cooking for myself again. It was amazing how quickly I felt better. I dropped all the weight I had gained and even fixed my metabolism.

I’m not going to lie, I do still eat processed foods, but I eat a lot less. I try to limit myself to eating like that maybe once a week. Most of the time I cook some veggies for myself or blend up a bunch of fruit to make a smoothie, but without milk or yogurt. I believe eating like this has so many benefits. I have so much energy all the time (to the point where my day off I can’t even stay sitting for very long), if I do get sick, it’s not very long or severe. and I’ve been saving a decent amount of money.

An example, I went shopping last week and spent about $60 (if I hadn’t gotten beer, I would’ve been about $40) I got a bunch of fruit and veggies, and I still have some left. Not going to lie, I also bought some hummus and Triscuits, but that was my healthy processed food for the week. I know what you’re thinking, “Rachel, you can make your own hummus” Truth, however, my hummus never turns out right, not sure why. I got about 6 meals from the veggies and fruits. Now, last night, after having a pretty angry stomach all day and not eating at work, I went to Walmart. I went a little nuts and got some Kraft Mac n cheese (How to train your Dragon shapes, they didn’t have Spongebob shapes) and Cheetos. After eating said mac n cheese and Cheetos, I didn’t feel too great. I didn’t feel to great for part of the morning either. I just ate the last of my sweet potato with tikka masala and rice, and I feel awesome again. The only thing processed in that meal was the sauce itself.

Basically, what I’m saying with this overly long and probably rambling narrative is that humans need to eat real food. If you can tell what it was when it came out of the ground, eat that. No matter how healthy the processed foods you eat claim to be, they’re still full of chemicals. If you want an easy snack, go for the in season fruit and veggies. Eat the processed foods when you feel like having them, but limit it. Trust me on this one, you’ll feel a lot better.

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