The world of franchised food

Posted on August 2, 2009. Filed under: Dining |

I’ve decided I should actually post here more, maybe I’ll get some readers, who knows? I’m not much of a writer, but I’m sure I can be interesting sometimes.

Let’s face it, we all pass the franchise resturant almost on a daily basis. Its not exciting, and sometimes the food isn’t that great, but we still eat there. Why? Because its safe. Most people wouldn’t want to go into a random family owned resturant unless they got a suggestion from friends who had been there before. And that makes sense, there are a lot of places that I wouldn’t go just because they look shady. However, there are ways to tell if a non franchised resturant are actually ok: is it dinner time? Look how many cars are around. If its dead, stay away. (My family has made that mistake once!). Whats around it? If its cornfields..RUN. Downtown? Great! Other things, like the building repair and inside look are maybes. I have been to a few places that didn’t look like much, but their food was great. I say thats because the owners want to get better quality food instead of the having the building look perfect. But, be careful with that one, because building repair also sometimes means sanitation is over looked…and we all know what happens with bad sanitation. Gross.

If you are visiting Wooster, OH, where I currently am right now, there are a few places that I’ve tried that are good local places, Mastos’ Family resturant is a big one here. The owner, Spiro, spends a lot of time with Ohio Light Opera, and is a favorite of patrons of the company. Mastos’ offers a variety of Greek food, pizza, and grinders. My favorite so far is his pizza, espically with the bacon toping.His prices are also very reasonable for what he offers. Another is CW’s, a small bar in the basment of TJ’s (which I’ve heard is also good, I just haven’t been there just yet). It offeres everything from bar burgers to steak to salads. CW’s has some very good martini’s, if you can drink, and some tasty prime rib with garlic mashed potatoes. CW’s prices are a little higher, but the food is worth it. I would suggest both of those places if you’re ever in town to see the Opera, or someone at the College of Wooster. After you’re done, take a walk downtown Wooster and see what they have to offer and work off some of that food.


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