Beer, whats your thought?

Posted on August 5, 2009. Filed under: Dining |

For a girl, I’m weird in that I LOVE dark beer. Hand me a Guiness (which is celebrating 250 years) and I’m a happy girl. Not only does it taste like coffee, which is a beverage of choice, its pretty filling. I eat/drink less if I’m filled (weight loss program? probably not).

Now, besides the glory of Guiness, I like trying American beers. This country is full of some awesome microbreweries that are waiting to be discovered.  I haven’t been able to try all of them just yet (what do you want, I’m 24) but some of my favorites are Leinkuegle’s and Three Floyds (am I a bit bias? Three Floyds IS in my hometown). Sam Adams is another American I enjoy tryin, but everyone drinks that, why go with the crowd?

I know what you’re thinking, Rachel, you’re young, you have to be drinking some of the cheap beers. Of course, but not by choice. You can find me drinking Bud light on occasion, but that’s really as low as I’ll go. I’ve had to deal with Miller, PBR (oh, beer pong), and god forbid, Keystone Light. Those are not for me. I’d rather spend more money less often and get some good beer than pay less money and get more beer. It keeps me saving.

Hopefully soon there will be more recipies here, I go back to my parent’s house next week. They have a fully stocked kitchen (plus kitchen aid mixer of course) and lots of room. And a fridge. I’ve been living in a dorm for 3 months with a tiny kitchennette and no fridge. I did some of my standards in a friend’s house, but its hard to travel a kitchen back and forth. Hopefully next week I’ll be able to make some homemade pasta, sauce, and raspberry pie (mom planted some bushes last year and they’re producing a TON of raspberries, and i need to work on my pie crust). I’m getting excited just writing about it. Sweet


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2 Responses to “Beer, whats your thought?”

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Personally, I ere on the side of hoppy, as the hefewiezen doesn’t float it anymore. I’m really big into IPA’s.

Things to try for you, Sierra Nevada IPA rocks my world. Everyone seems to love Oberon, which is from Bell’s in Michigan (a wheat beer, not too hoppy), and speaking of Bell’s, I love the 2 Hearted Ale. Dog Fish Head has the 90 minute IPA and 120 minute IPA. Both are awesome.

Speaking of Bell’s, if you really want a lark you could always try this:

I’ve only read about it in books, oddly enough, so I’ve know idea if it’s any good. You’ll have to let me know.

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