The plague came to Indiana

Posted on August 21, 2009. Filed under: Dining |

Yesterday was a slow day for food for me. Why? Because I finally got the OLO plague.  When I was in Ohio working this summer, about 75% of the company got sick. I was one of the lucky ones who was able to survive, or so I thought. This lack of appitite is really only making me drink a lot of juice and have grapes. Both good things.

I’ve always been a fan of juice, it’s more healthy than pop, and more exciting than water. However, some people are starting to say that juice isn’t nearly as good for a person as we all think, because of the sugar. I’ve started to ignore all of these articals and reports mainly because over fifty years ago, smoking was a prescription for some sicknesses. Heath ideas change so quickly, no one really knows what is good for you or not anymore.  My thoughts on the whole issue are: be smart, don’t eat to much junk (but indulge every once in a while) and make sure you get your vitamins. That’s worked for me thus far.

I could go on and on about diets and the like, cause I’ve been there, but these subjects have just been run into the ground. Be smart, or, as my friend Eric says “Be Better”


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