Good homecooked meal, just like mom makes

Posted on August 31, 2009. Filed under: Dining |

A tradition that my family has had for as long as I can remember is eating dinner together. Mom woul make meat and side items and we would sit around the table talking. Dinner has changed a little bit, dad’s on a diet and all of my siblings are away at college, but my mom still makes the same type of food, plus a salad for dad. Today, we had baked breaded pork chops, peas and fried rice. I love the pork chops and peas, but I’m not to much of a fan of the rice. It’s nothing against my mom’s rice, I just don’t like fried rice.

For dessert we had the carrot cake I made yesterday. Normally, I don’t get to eat the desserts I make, either because I give them away to friends (which is what I did with most of the cookies from yesterday) or because I eat so much of the batter that I just don’t want the finished product. This cake was very good, it didn’t look to amazing, I had taken it out of the pan a bit to early and there wasn’t enough frosting, but it tasted amazing, not that I’m tooting my own horn or anything. My dad wants me to start making dinner a few times a week, which would be a lot of fun. That way I can try out a lot of new recipes and practice at cooking more.


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