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Posted on September 7, 2009. Filed under: Dining |

I generally try to stay away from fast food. While it may be cheap, its unhealthy and a lot of the time not very good. There are two fast food places I will go to with out complaint, and they are on the opposite ends of the spectrum. Like many college students, I got the midnight munchies when I drank. That would mean I would have a craving for one of two things: pizza, or taco bell. Taco bell is hell on the digestive system the next day, but so good going down. There’s something about the cheese, meat and crunchy (or soft, whatever you prefer) taco shell that makes people come back to the resturant. I have to say, it is a guilty pleasure of mine, but I don’t go there very often anymore due to the fact that I don’t have the money, and it’s easier to just eat out of my parents’ fridge. I did, however, have Taco Bell twice this weekend while visitng friends at Ball State. I stopped in Lafyette IN to buy my brother lunch, and he wanted Taco Bell, so we went and I had the Chiplote Taco Salad. The only thing that made the salad different from the other taco salads they have was the chiplote dressing, which to me tasted like spicy ranch dressing. It wasn’t amazing, but I would probably eat it again, because salads at least seem more heatlhy. I also had Taco Bell after drinking with some friends that same night, and I got the Crunchwrap supreme. Besides the cheesy gordita crunch, which some locations don’t have anymore, the crunchwrap is my favorite. I think it has to do with the crunchy shell wrapped in a soft shell. It’s like Christmas for your mouth.

The other fast food place that I love going to is Fazoli’s. Sadly, a lot of the locations that I usually go to have closed down, so I haven’t gotten to have the friendly, fast, Italian that I love. I had to go into Anderson to go to Target and stopped and ate at the Fazoli’s there. I had the sundried tomato tortolini and four breadsticks (they gave me four with my meal, not that I’m complaining, those breadsticks are like crack they’re so addicting). The pasta was so good. The sauce was a little watery to my taste, but it had a nice flavor and texture otherwise. I am so sad that I can’t eat at Fazoli’s more often, I don’t even know where the closest one to my parents’ house is anymore. It’s a tradegy.


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