The kid foods that we adults still eat

Posted on September 12, 2009. Filed under: Dining |

I was grabbing ice from the freezer yesterday and a long frozen piece of orange caught my eye. Could it be? Yes. An orange freezie pop just sitting there, calling my name. I haden’t been able to have a freezie pop in such a long time. Orange and green had always been my favorite. Orange because, well, orange is delicious, and green because in my brain, it tasted like Mountain Dew and I lived off Mountain Dew for the longest time. There are a lot more freezie pops in the freezer, I’m going to get to eat them for a while. Another kid food that I love to this day is pb&j. Throw a lot of crunchy peanutbutter and strawberry jelly between two pieces of bread and I’m a happy camper. And of course, there is the grilled cheese. My grilled cheeses have gotten a bit more complicated than just cheese, I put pickles (don’t knock it, it’s really good!) blogna (if we have it) and chedder in the sandwichs, but I still feel like I’m 6 again, completely enjoying myself.

My mom went garage saling this morning, I didn’t go because I’m not a fan, but she picked up a set of 50 animal shaped cookie cutters for 50 cents, and I stole them. I’m really excited now because I can make horse shapped cookies for my show opening next Thursday. Why horse shapped? We’re doing Man of La Mancha and the #1 question in the box office has been “Are you using real horses?” Oh old people of Munster, how hilarious you are.


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