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I moved to Munster with my family in 2000 so my siblings and I could go to a better school system than Calumet City. Munster is a lot different in that it is smaller, higher class, and has a lot less food places. People don’t generally come to Munster for specialized food. There are a lot of chain resturants; Charlie’s Ale House, Applebees, ect, but there are three places that people think of when they think of Munster: Munster Doughnuts, FroYo, and Three Floyd’s Brewery. Munster Doughnuts is my favorite place to get doughnuts from. Sure, there’s a Dunkin Doughnuts right down the street, but there is something about the special treatment that each doughnut gets that makes the doughnuts so much better. The doughnuts are made fresh every day in the store in front of the customers. Along with the doughnuts, they serve freshly brewed coffee for you if you decide to eat in.

Every time May comes around, I start thinking about FroYo. The Yogert stand opens up right around the time college students come home to work. It serves a big varity of yogert, ice cream, sundays flurries, and root beer floats. Not only are their treats tasty, they have a very nice price tag. I got a small fruit and nut sunday with pineapples and walnuts and it only cost me $2.40. The same at Dairy Queen could cost so much more. One of my favorite treats to get is their rootbeer float. It is 32 oz of wonderful, and it only cost a dollar.

I have not yet been to Three Floyds. I have had their beer many times, and love it. I’m hoping to be able to go there soon and try out their food, which friends have told me is also very good. Three Floys is Munster’s secret, I had lived here for about 7 years before I even knew about it. A friend I went to college with wanted to intern there for hospitality management and was always singing its praises.

If you ever pass through Munster, stop by one of these places and have a bite to eat, you won’t be dissapointed.


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