MMmmm…mashed potatoes

Posted on September 14, 2009. Filed under: Dining | Tags: |

I love mashed potatoes. Load them up with butter and some chedder cheese and life is good. My mom made garlic mashed potatoes with dinner tonight, and I added chives. She was trying to figure out why the mashed potatoes don’t taste nearly as garlic-ky as they smell.  My guess is that it is because she boils the garlic with the mashed potatoes. Chopping up the garlic and adding them to the mashing process would probally give the potatoes a more full garlic taste.

A growing trend that I’ve never liked is the instant mashed potatoes. Pretty much every resturant and a lot of the homes now have the instant mashed potatoes. They are consistant, and really don’t taste like potatoes. The only thing they have going for them is the cost. Boxes can be bought for cheap and they cook fast. But theres something about freshly made mashed potatoes that just makes life better. They tend to be better for you as well, as long as you don’t lob them with the good stuff, bacon, cheese, sourcream…actually, all that stuff is good to, just don’t eat anything else for dinner!


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