Food we don’t like

Posted on October 20, 2009. Filed under: Dining |

Dinner today reminded me of a subject a lot of food people don’t talk about: food we DON”T like.  It’s completly impossible to like everything we eat every day. It could be because of taste, texture, spices or bad expirence. Regardless of the reason, there is just some food we won’t eat. Now, if you were from a family that made you eat everything from your plate, even if you don’t like it, things are a little different. My mother taught me to be polite and eat what was put in front of me without complaing, and that still sticks today. Now, because of that I have found some foods I didn’t think I’d like just because I had to eat them. Granted, I also found some foods that I wouldn’t enjoy, no matter how many times I had to eat them. One food is strogenoff. It could be the fact that it looks like puke, or the strange smell, but I’ve never liked it. Mom decided to make it for dinner today, so I had to eat it. Sadly, we didn’t finish it all tonight and I’ll have to eat it tomorrow.

What food don’t  you like? Why? Did your parents do what they did to me?


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