Happy Halloween!

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Today offically starts the season of holidays were America stuffs themselves for fun. Halloween has to be one of the most fun, in my opinion, because it involves dressing up as something you’re not (I’m wearing orange, so I’m a pumpkin.) and going and asking other people to give you candy.

 I remember when I was younger, bringing huge bags out to trick or treat hoping for all types of things, espically cow tails and Reese’s Peanutbutter cups.  After sorting through my candy, and sharking it with my siblings, I would take handfuls and hide them in my room. I did that for years until I realized how out of shape I was.

Now, I try to stay away from candy because I have such a sweet tooth, but my mom bought me two big bags, one of them being candy corn autum mix. You can’t pass that up. Candy corn is a cheap candy, but it is one of the best, I think. My dad was hoovering over the bag until I opened it the other day.

Candy is great because it reminds people of when they were younger. It doesn’t happen how old you are, open your favorite piece of candy and life is good. Many companies haven’t even thought about changing their candy because they know people will still eat them. Tootise Rolls, for instance, haven’t changed appearnce for as long as I’ve been alive, and I don’t think they dare mess with the formula. And why should they? There is no reason to mess with something almost perfect. Now, if only I could stop eating my candy corn, I feel the sugar rush coming


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