Coffee Shops, where awesome is made

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And I’m not talking about this blog posting. I left the coffee shop. But, in serious-ness, it is strange to see that the coffee shop has become the place where writers go to hang out. Maybe it’s the comfortable seating, or the fact that it’s heated in the winter and cool in the summer, or quite possibly it is the fact that maybe, if you sit there long enough, some one will ask you what you’re working on. And of course, there is nothing better than having someone interested in your work. That being said, the coffee shop has called to writers everywhere to come hang out and have lots of coffee while looking pretentious while typing away on the laptop .Being as I have no facial expressions at all (according to many a friend, I don’t see it as a bad thing) I can’t really look pretentious while sitting on my laptop. Granted, it’s also hard to look pretentious while stumbling or hanging out on facebook. All cool factors are whiped away.

As someone who loves coffee, I’ve been to many differen coffee shops from Starbucks to the MT Cup to Savor the Flavor here in Lincoln park. Each type of shop has different types of people who go to them. At Starbucks you could see soccer moms hanging out with thier friends, or buisness men runing in quickly for a cup before work. At the MT Cup or Savor the Flavor you see the college student, hipsters, bloggers, and everyone else who can’t spend $5 on a small coffee. I enjoy watching the different types of people in the different shops because it shows how people seperate themselves almost naturally. I can’t really put myself into any of those groups, besides the one that involves NOT spending $5 on small coffee. Not fitting in with these other groups doesn’t feel awkward, and that is because the one thing that makes all shops the same: the crazy love of coffee or tea.

Yes, this posting doesn’t have much to do with food, I have been sick, and coffee shops and people interest me to no end, people are very interesting to watch, don’t you think?

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