Best comfort food we all still eat

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When I was little, there was nothing better than having a bowl of mac and cheese or a grilled cheese. Sitting down at the table to see either of those in front of me and I was a happy girl. My mom only made mac and cheese every once in a while, and grilled cheese even less, so it was always very exciting. As I grew older and able to cook on my own, my defult “fast” food would be mac and cheese. I could live on a box of the delux stuff for a few days without it getting old. But, if I had the time, I would make grilled cheese. Granted, my grilled cheese is much more fancy than the American cheese on white bread, but it still makes me happy. My favorite combination is rye bread, cheddar cheese, pickles and bolgona. Don’t knock it until you try it; I happen to eat pickles like chips every once in a while, and will put them on every type of sandwhich I eat. This past weekend at the end of my tech, I went to Savor the Flavor with my production manager for lunch, and tried one of their “grilled cheese as you please”. One can get 3 types of cheeses and many different toppings. I got cheddar, colby, and provolone with red onions and bacon on multi grain bread. That  may have been the best decision I’ve ever made. Sure, it took a while to get the sandwhich, but there was only one girl working and they make every sandwhich from the ground up. The cheese was perfectly melted and the bacon grease mixed with the cheese to make a wonderful treat. Over the summer, near the end of my contract, one of my fellow ASM’s really wanted to make grilled cheese and we had it for dinner during tech, with tomatoe soup of course. While I normally don’t eat the combination during the summer, it was still one of the best dinners I had all summer (besides my home made pizza, of course). I have no idea where I would be without that combination on a cold night, add a mug of hot chocolate and some friends, and there are makings for a good night. Now that the weather is getting colder, the soul warming food will start to make an appearance and I am so excited.


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