Why buffets…whyy

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When I was younger, my family would go the buffet often. It was great because I could get whatever I wanted and as much as I wanted. Now, that became a problem because I also had trouble keeping myself from eating, so I became a little over weight. I’m not at all blaming the buffets for that, it’s not their fault, totally mine, of course.

We haven’t been going to buffets because they just don’t seem that good, and they’ve gotten more expenseive. One buffet that we go to sometimes is the China Buffet. I love Chinese food so much. Granted, American Chinese food is much different than real Chinese food, but it’s still very good. Today, my dad and I went to the China Buffet for lunch. I dove into the buffet like a hungry person (granted, I WAS hungry, but still). But, after a full plate of white rice with honey chicken, shrimp in lobster sauce and chicken on a stick, I was almost full; excpet I did have room for some amazing fresh green beans (I watched them cutting the green beans while we ate) and crab rangoon….and 2 almond cookies, a fortune cookie (A merrier heart makes life better) and a manderine orange cheesecake square. Luckily I’ve taught myself some self control…or else many bad things would have happened!


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