Eating on the run: how to do it better

Posted on December 15, 2009. Filed under: Dining | Tags: |

Now that I’ve been working a lot more, I’ve had no time to sit down and eat a decent meal. Normally, I would just go through a drive through and shove something in my face that is easy to drive with, or just get a shake so I have something to drink AND eat. Fast food places have made their money in the drive through, giving the busy people of the world a fast , cheap meal that is easy to eat while driving. The problem is, those meals generally aren’t very healthy and before people knew it, they’d gain a lot of weight and just be out of shape. It’s hard to eat a salad and drive at the same time, so why not have a burger and fries? In an effort to both save money and eat better, I’ve been packing my own food in my purse or backpack. Lately, in stead of granola bars (which are good, but get old fast) I’ve been eating lots of fresh veggies. I think this is better mainly because I can eat and drive at the same time, they’re not messy and so much better for me. About the only problem with the veggies is that they cost more then the drive through.  However, they can be bought in bulk and stored for weeks.

Staying away from the drive through has been one of the best things I’ve done in a while. I’ve never really liked fast food anyway, but I used to go through Dunkin Doughnuts just to get coffee, but a large coffee (as good as it is) is a little over $2. That’s  alot of money after a while. I told myself that I wouldn’t buy coffee for a month, and I’ve stayed true to my word for the past week since I’ve said that. Sure, my cheap coffee is not as good, but there are ways to fix that.

My challenge to the readers is to give up something food related that you buy every day just for a month. Try something different that you do at home. You may find your life is easier, and you save money!


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