Tech week + baking adiction

Posted on January 27, 2010. Filed under: Appitizers, Deserts | Tags: , , |

So, today begins tech. And normally for tech, I make some cookies. Well, as I finished up my mint chocolate chip (I got 8 dozen today) cookies, I wanted to make something else. I wanted to make one of the cookie recipes that my actress had sent me for Weight Watchers, but I didn’t have enough coccoa powder. I asked Victoria what she thought I should make, and she suggested pretzal sticks or some pizza roll ups. Well, at this time it was a little to late to start pretzal sticks, but the pizza roll ups gave me a great idea for some bacon cheese roll ups. I had bought some canned biscuit dough to make monkey bread a while ago and still had some left over, so I mixed it together, rolled it out into one big piece, covered it in shredded cheddar and layered bacon on it. I then rolled the whole thing up, cut them into rolls and baked them in a muffin in with muffin papers. I tried one of the extra ones, and while they are very good (who can go wrong with bacon?) I didn’t put enough cheese in the roll ups.  If I do these again, which I’m sure I will, I will actually make the biscuit dough and put more cheese. I think the cast will really enjoy this little expirement, and of course the famous feet cookies.


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