Bored with food?

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So I haven’t written here in a while. My last entry I believe was about Shoreline. So why the long breaks between entries? I must be bored with food. The only reason why I even think that is because I work for a resturant now. Seeing the same thing over and over again makes someone not care as much about it. Now, I still really like food and cooking and the like, I’m just tired of seeing the same thing ALL the time. There’s no variety in a sports bar and grill. People come in, get their wings and their beer and thats about it. I even get the same thing every time I work.

So how do you keep things fresh? Well, my suggestion, which I still have to try, is to keep the rest of your food life different. See a new recipe? Just go and try it. You don’t know if you’ll like it or not, so why not just try. It’s different than what you’re used to and you may find something new that you love. That is actually how I fell in love with a lot of foods. I grew up in food monotny and at first was scared to try things out of the norm; spicy things, nuts, exotic foods, ect. It’s also how I learned new recipes. Jumping out of the norm can be scary, but sometimes the leap needs to be taken.

Now here’s where you guys get to help. Give me some new recipes to try out on my roommates. The only thing that needs to be watched is health content, they’re trying to lose weight for their wedding and are doing well, so I don’t want to hinder that. Give me something tasty!


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