Nothing like adult summer camp

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No, I’m not talking about X rated things, so don’t get your hopes up, this IS a food blog! For those of you who haven’t been reading for a while, my main job is stage management and my very first proffesional job was working for the Ohio Light Opera last summer. Basically, it was a summer camp for adults; we work during the day, hang out and drink at night. My only real problem with last year was that I was put in a dorm. For someone with a baking addiction, that’s a pretty terrible thing. I ended up traveling my kitchen items to the house my boss was staying in so I could bake. This year, however, I was put in a house. My room has the best location, right next to the kitchen. I’m not sure if that was a coinicdence or if they powers that be in OLO decided thats where I need to be, but I’m not even going to question it.

I’m really excited to do some more baking this summer, I’m already planning to make a pretty giant pizza…or really a few pizzas, my famouse mint cookies, a few pies and a cheesecake or two. Granted, all of this is going to be a while because I’m going to be working my non-existant ass off for the first few weeks. Thats the thing with summer companies, there are a lot of shows and they go up pretty quickly. We happen to be doing 7 shows in 10 weeks. So, I get like no time off to do anything but eat, sleep, and possibly have a beer. I do kind of want to try something new to have my buddies here try, so if anyone has any ideas, you should let me know.

I have to say, when I started this blog, I wasn’t expecting to have people checking it and leaving such nice comments. I’ve never though my writing was that good, but appearantly I was wrong, so thanks for that!


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