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Every year, as many of the OLO technicians and singers who want to take a canoe trip on the Mochian River, which is about half an hour away from Wooster. It’s a great time, and even though we eat all day on the river, we’re always starving by the time we get back. After a quick shower, we all meet somewhere for dinner. This year it was CW’s, a local burger place in the basement of Melvin’s and TJ’s, on Liberty. I couldn’t decide for the life of me if I wanted their honey hickory burger or their stacked veggie forccota. When the time finally came, I decided on the forccota. It comes with spinach (mostly uncooked, my favorite!),  chopped tomato, mushrooms, and fried eggplant topped with provolone. I had actually never had fried eggplant, so I decided to give it a go.  The veggitables underneith the eggplant were very flavorable. The eggplant itself, however, could have used some seasoning. There wasn’t much taste to it, but I ate the whole thing anyway. I honestly think the whole dish would have been so much better if the eggplant had been grilled insetead of fried. Grilling always adds just a little more flavor, and adds to the whole health of the dish. I think if I go there again this summer, I’ll get the burger.


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