Damnit I just like Vegitables, is that a crime?

Posted on February 16, 2011. Filed under: Dining |

“You’re doing the same thing your sister is, are you?” My mom looked at my veggie sub with a mixture of concern and discust. No, I’m not a vegitarian, I probably could be, I don’t eat meat every day, its rare actually, and I do love vegitables, they’ve become one of my favorite foods. But I can’t really be a vegitarian. Why? Bacon. I can go for weeks without eating meat, but if you put bacon in front of me, I can’t resist. It’s so tasty. I’ve actually tried the soy bacon before, one of my co-workers at bdubs has given me a sample, and while it tastes the same, I know its not and I know that it will never live up to the real stuff.

Of course, I do have some different beliefs than vegitarians, while I do think that cramping animals up in small pens just to be raised for food is wrong, I have no problem eating animals. I understand where they come from, but lets face it, as long as you treat the animals well, I think its fine.

As far as the health implications of not eating meat, I’m not to sure about that. No one is too sure what is good for us. In the 50s, cigaretts we’re prescribed for medical conditions. The no carb diets tell you to stuff yourself with meat and you’ll lose weight. Some tell you to eat just greens and you’ll lose weight and feel better. I’m not to sure about that. I still say portion control and letting yourself cheat every once in a while is the way to do it…it’s working for me!

I’m a little interested to see if I get any responses to this one. Everyone’s opinions on this matter are completly different….so much so that the other opinion CAN’T be right. (ps…that’s a lot like my mom, just sayin)


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