Picking apples and awesome dinner!

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It’s been really nice out for the past few weeks. REALLY nice. Tuesday Matt and I went to the beach. No joke. I stood in the water for a bit, but didn’t swim. Anyway, Wednesday it was just as nice and I REALLY wanted to pick apples. For some weird reason, Matt had never been to County Line Orchard and he’d lived in Valpo his whole life, so we had to go. Most of the trees were picked through, except some of the sour apples which are more than perfect for baking. I went a little over board and got 14 pounds, which turned into 1 9 in apple pie and a giant pot of apple sauce. The best part about last night though, was dinner. I asked Neil and Maureen what they were up to and they didn’t have any plans, so I decided to make dinner. Or, really, Matt decided to make dinner. He made some fantastic grilled chicken mozzerella. It was so good!

Grilled Chicken Mozzerella
4 boneless chicken breasts
Wostchire Sauce
Red Wine Vinegar
Brown Sugar
Garlic Salt
Sea Salt
Pepper (Red and Black)
Ragu Pasta Sauce
Mozzerella Cheese

  1. Set up your grill. While the coals are soaking, make your sauce. Combine Wostschire sauce, vinigar, sugar, salts, peppers and caynee. You may want to taste it part of the way through to make sure it’s not too spicy/sweet. Use this sauce as a baste while you are grilling your chicken.
  2. While you are grilling your chicken, cook the pasta al dente and warm your sauce. When the chicken is finished, cut the breasts in half and put the sliced mozzerella cheese on top to melt.
  3. Serve the chicken over pasta, covering the sauce and garnishing with fresh basil leaves.


Fresh Apple Pie
2 pounds of tart apples (I used Juiblee Fugji)
Ground Cloves
Your Favorite pie crust for 1 9 in pie

  1. Cut the apples and mix them with the four, cinnamon, sugar and cloves, covering each part of the apple. Fill the pie crust with the apples and put the rest of the crust on top. Bake at 425 for 20 mins. After 20 mins, put some butter through the crust into the apples and bake another 20 mins.


Apple Sauce
(this can be whatever mixture you want!)

10 pounds of apples, sliced

  1. Put the apples, sugar, cinnamon, cloves, sugar, water and vanilla into a large pot over the stove. Turn the heat on medium-high. Make sure to stir and squish the apples. You can leave it as lumpy (I like lumpy) or smooth as you want. The smoother the sauce, the longer it takes to cook.

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