Milk Bite?

Posted on August 17, 2012. Filed under: Breakfast, Dining | Tags: |

As much as I’d hate to admit it, I’m pretty swayed by commercials. But not where I have to have something I’ve seen a commerical once for, I’m talking commercials I’ve seen 10 times in a day. For example, Taco Bell commercials are played a lot on the sports channels and that’s all we’re allowed to play at work, so there are days I walk out of work WANTING Taco Bell, even though I know my stomach disagrees. Another thing I’ve seen a lot of commercials for were the Kraft Milk Bites. Granola bars that have some yogurt in them? Sounds delicious. I was at the store last night and they had the bars on special 2 boxes for $5, so I thought, why not? It’s fast for breakfast and granola bars fill you up on fiber. But that’s about all these do. I’ve never been a fan of cereal bars, they always get to mushy. That’s kind of what happened with these. The flavor is there, but they’re a little mushy. I want my granola bars crunchy. However, I have to boxes so they’ll get eaten, I’m just not as excited about them now that I’ve actually tasted them.

Update on the cupcakes I made last night. We discovered really fast that they need the frosting. They’re just a tad dry to eat without the frosting. It’s a little disappointing, I’m not sure if I just baked them a little to long or if that’s just how the recipe is. I’ve discovered that it’s really hard to bake something in a new oven. I don’t know how it bakes just yet, and clearly I need to keep a better eye on what I’m baking. Next time will be better!


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