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I love supporting local businesses. In my mind, they’re better than the franchise in almost every way, especially in restaurant form. (Yes, I know, I do work at a franchise place). The service tends to be better and the food is generally out of this world. Now, I know that isn’t always the case, but I believe most of the time it’s true. That was one of the main reasons why I don’t eat at Olive Garden or at my own job any more. The food ends up being bland and tasteless. It’s not really the cooks fault, they’re given a certain way to build everything and it has to be perfect, even if it doesn’t taste right. I know at my place, there are books with pictures and measurements of the food. And I’m not talking, add 1 tsp of salt, or to taste. I’m talking, add 2 oz of chicken NO MORE BECAUSE IT’S EXPENSIVE. But local places can hire people who know how to cook and who make something delisious. That was the great thing about Pass Times, to bad it doesn’t exist anymore.

Anyway, Matt and I went to Tony’s Pizza for dinner last night. Tony’s has been in Valpo for years. A few of my aunts love it, and it was there when my parents were in college (and the decor shows that!) I have eaten a few things from Tony’s before and have loved them. One of my favorites is their huge chef salad that I can never finish. I have only had their pizza a handful of times though. I got to try their deep dish for the first time on Wednesday, and I have to say it was really good. The cheese had that perfect consistency that is almost impossible to chew because it is so stringy and the sauce had the almost perfect sweetness you want in a pizza sauce. Their crust was pretty good, however it did get soggy after a while. That is one thing Gino’s East has perfected, and no one has been able to copy just perfectly. Last night, though, we got thin crust because we were hungry. I got a side salad also, which just ended up being a Dole Salad mix with my favorite type of Bleu Cheese dressing, lumpy. We got bacon on half (because Matt said bacon on pizza is weird) and sausage on all of it (because you can never have enough meat!) We got a large, and should’ve gotten a small because it was so filling! And it was almost perfect. They LOADED up my side with bacon. I feel there was almost a whole pound crumbled up, but it was hard to tell because the bacon went on top and the sausage went under the cheese. Either way, we got through half of it and the rest is in my fridge. It’ll be lunch, probably.

If you’re ever in Valpo, come check out Tony’s. It’s on Lincolnway, almost on the corner of Lincolnway and Morgan, between Pat’s Parlor and Bdubs. They open at around 4:30 everyday, and they get busy, so get there early!


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