Dear Burger King….

Posted on September 4, 2012. Filed under: Dining | Tags: , |

After I got off work yesterday, Matt and I decided to rent a movie and get some food. Normally on Labor Day I’d make something, but I ended up working the whole weekend, so I didn’t want to cook. The problem was, Valpo doesn’t have that much awesome food, and if it was awesome, it was closed for Labor Day. We drove around and ended up on Burger King. I’m not a huge fan of them, but I like them better than Mcdonalds, so I thought, why not? I got a basil Parmesan chicken sandwich, and Matt got some whoppers. My sandwich was pretty good, but it was missing something, just not sure what. Matt’s whoppers had pretty much an entire jar of mayo between the two of them, no joke. Now, I like mayo as much as the next girl, but not THAT much. He was able to squeeze out a lot of it, it was pretty gross. It reminded me of the time my sister made a wrap, mayo only and she just globbed a bunch of mayo on the tortilla and called it a day. (No really, she didn’t live it down for years at our old job!) I’d like to say this is a one time thing, but it seems Burger King has a history of putting to much condiments on their burgers. Some places, like Mcdonald’s, have the opposite problem, where they barely put enough. After working for fast food for a long time, I know there are regulations for how much goes on sandwiches. I do know employees aren’t regulated as much, however, I’m not sure why anyone would hate their job so much that they would put a lot of condiments on a sandwich, but then again, who knows.


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