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I watch a lot of Restaurant Impossible. Robert Irvine goes into failing restaurants and helps them get back on their feet with redecorating, revamping their menu, and training their staff. One of his biggest complaints about the menus is that they’re almost always to big. A lot of places try to get as many people in by making their menu as varied as possible. The problem is that the staff, both kitchen and servers, have trouble learning it. For a non-corporate place, the more consise the better. That way both front and back of house can learn it and make the best food possible.

Matt, Blake, Julie and I went to Broadway Cafe here in Valpo last night. I’ve eaten there a ton of times but got breakfast each time, so I skipped the front half of the menu. I didn’t feel like breakfast food at 10 pm last night, so I wanted to try something different. The menu there is huge, both in amount of items and just size. I’d have to say it was longer than a normal sheet of paper and contained everything from breakfast to Mexican to Asian. I had come in thinking that I wanted a grilled cheese but got bombarded by the menu. After all of us taking about 10 minutes to figure out what we wanted, I decided on a bbq pork wrap. It had pulled pork in it, so I thought it would be pretty good.  It was good, but it was HUGE. The one half of the wrap I did eat was about the size of a normal wrap everywhere else. It was really good, but it could have gone without the lettuce. I normally like lettuce in wraps, but lets face it, lettuce doesn’t go with pulled pork. On the side I got onion rings. Every once in a while I need an onion ring and these were pretty good. I’m not sure if they were hand breaded or not, but they were a lot better than the normal onion rings you get at a lot of places.

I’d say, go to Broadway, but stick to breakfast. While the wrap was good, I couldn’t finish it and the rest of the menu is huge. They serve breakfast all day, so it’s perfect!

On another note, don’t go to Pete’s Gyro’s here in Valpo. I didn’t go, but Matt, Blake and Julie went, and they said it was awful. Matt said he’s never had a worse burger, and Julie’s grilled cheese had moldy bread. If that’s not enough to stop anyone from going there, I don’t know what is.


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