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I’ve been working for Buffalo Wild Wings for a little over 2.5 years. Last November, I stopped eating there. It was a mixture of lack of healthy food options and the inability to make anything different than what was on the menu. I generally didn’t miss it unless I was on a double or REALLY hungover. I eventually got used to the doubles without food, I started bringing some snacks that would tide me over until I was done, and I stopped coming hung over to work (well, there’s been a few times in the past year, but on well). But, I do really love the sauces.

Matt and I go to other wing places every once in a while, but their sauces aren’t as good as BDubs. I had been thinking about buying some a few times, but never got a chance, until the owner came in and tipped me $20 for bringing him and his associates pops. I decided to buy 4 of them. A crate there is 3 sauces and is a little over $10, and a 4th brought my total to $16 after tax, not a bad deal if you think about it. I bought three of my favorites, medium, garlic parm, and hot bbq, and Matt’s favorite, Asian zing. We really hadn’t done much with them, just dip quesdillas in them, but Matt decided last night to make some chicken and rice with them. He made me garlic parm chicken and himself Asian zing chicken. He had wanted to put something else besides just chicken rice and sauce, but Walmart didn’t really have any peppers at 1 am (weird, right??) so we just went with chicken, rice and some Italian blend cheese.  I’d put a recipe, but let’s face it, it’s a self explanatory recipe. I really liked it. It was simple and filling and really good. It had a kick of garlic that I love and the cheese blended well. I’d want him to make it again.


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