Oh hey Awkward

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As a server, I’ve had my awkward moments at tables, what server hasn’t? Generally I understand when I have an awkward server, but I had the most awkward server the other day it made ME and Matt feel super awkward. We went to El Salto, one of my favorite Mexican restaurants in town (mainly for the margaritas). Normally the service is slow there, almost really bad, but you expect it. Our server walked up to us (weirdly enough, the first white server I’ve ever had there) didn’t say hi or anything and just asked us for our drinks. I asked for my margarita and she didn’t say anything for a half a minute before asking me what size. After Matt said he wanted mountain dew, she stood there for a minute before asking us if we wanted queso or guacamole. We got our drinks and she awkwardly walked past us twice before asking “What do we feel?” Huh? We put in our order, she would pause after everything we ordered before asking us questions. We got our food, she once again awkwardly walked past the table a few times before asking “How are my peeps?” LORD what is WRONG with this girl? She noticed I finished my pollo loco (which was delicious, by the way) and she said “You finished your chicken? Good job!!” While patting my back. Last time I checked, I’m not a kid. She then asked if I wanted a to go cup for my margarita. Oh come on lady…I had wanted to stay for some fried ice cream, but I couldn’t stand being around the awkward anymore!  My suggestion, if you see she’s your server, either run or be prepared for the most awkward dining experience of your life. Your choice.


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