The Case of the Unattantive Server

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Last Saturday I went to lunch with my parents before heading up to Skokie for my shows. We had been going to Baker’s Square pretty much every time we went, and my dad wanted something different. He picked Popalano’s (Spelling??) in Lansing on Torrance. We had been there a lot of times before, and we love the food.

This time was no different than the last time, the food was very good. I got a grilled chicken breast with a lemon cream sauce with peppercorns and angel hair pasta. The chicken was cooked to perfection and the sauce wasn’t to heavy. My dad got a calzone that was big enough to feed a small country in Africa and my mom got spaghetti with meat sauce. Our salads were big and good, and my mom’s soup was pretty much the best soup ever. The food was great, the service, however, was a different story.

In my opinion, she had too many tables for her skill level, my mom just thought she was awful. Maybe I was just trying to be nice, because every server has a bad day. She only came to our table a few times and our food seemed to take a little too long, BUT it was hot when it came out, so I think tickets were running a bit long. She took our food to the kitchen to pack it up and was gone a long time, the only time she was quick was when she got our payment from us. When we got home, my mom’s pasta wasn’t in the bag; luckily she was able to call and grab it from the restaurant, but she wasn’t happy none the less.

The reason I’m mentioning this at all, is because when it came time to tip, my mom wanted to leave her $5 on a $45 bill. Her reasoning was, if the service is bad, she gets a bad tip. However, as I pointed out, a bad tip doesn’t always translate to the server that the service was bad; bad tips just look like bad people to servers. Which comes to the most important point; if there is something wrong with the food or the service, talk to a manager. Under tipping does nothing; we still have bills to pay to. If you talk to a manager, they can fix the problem or make sure to retrain the server. Managers and servers (as much as we like to joke about it) can’t read minds. Another example, Sunday night I had a guy sitting at the bar; he got 12 traditional wings and a tall Guiness. He ate all the wings and said everything was fine when I checked on him. When I ran his card and told him about the survey on the reciept he said “You were phenomenal, the beer was great, the wings were awful.” I was shocked, he ate all of them and told me he was fine. How was I supposed to know he didn’t like the wings? He then preceded to tip me $3 on $22. There, I did nothing wrong. If I had known he was unhappy with the wings, I would have fixed it for him, but he said nothing and ate everything and then under tipped me. Please don’t do that; most servers want to do their job right and make the people they’re serving happy, so just communicate with us.

Besides the service (and I really this she was the only one) I would suggest going to Popalnao’s in Lansing. They have great daily specials and a large variety of Italian food.


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