Double Trouble

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So, I’ve been to this place twice now and haven’t written a post about it, which is weird. I can’t stop talking about it to other people, but haven’t written about it yet, so here it is. About a month and a half ago, a place called Tomato Bar opened up very close to my apartment. It boasts a variety of pizzas, hoagies, calzones, and salads. Every ingredient they have is Indiana local and very fresh, which I love. They have a good amount of craft beers and a very cool environment.

Matt and his friend Kevin went there first (without me, but they saved me some pizza) a few days after they opened. Matt got a pizza they call a Thai Fighter that had peanut sauce and Kevin got something (I believe) called the Reef. I had a piece of each of them, cold, and they were good. Kevin’s pizza was better than Matt’s, only because Matt’s wasn’t as spicy as expected. My first time there was about two weeks ago. I can’t remember what pizza Matt got, but I got something called the Presto Pesto. It has pesto, provolone, mozzarella, chicken and olives. I don’t like olives though, so I switched it out for artichokes. That’s another thing I love about the place, there are so many different options for toppings. If you don’t like any of the pizzas they have, you can build your own with pretty much any topping you can think of. I also got half of a salad (which was huge) called the Californian, which had avocados and bacon on it, who doesn’t love that combo? My pizza was perfect. I watched them hand throw the dough, you just don’t see that much anymore. They brush it with garlic butter right near the end of baking, and it is even softer and more delicious that way.

The second time Matt and I went, I got an avocado hoagie. The menu said it was 12 inches, but I wasn’t expecting the size of that sandwich. The bread  felt and tasted fresh made, all of the vegetables were as fresh as they could be and the spicy mayo they topped it in gave that extra punch the sandwich needed. Matt got a calzone called the Whatjamician (spelling) It had jerk chicken, a mix of cheese and pineapples.  That calzone was huge, it pretty much wrapped around his place. We both came home with doggie bags.

Prices are pretty fair for the fresh ingredients. Our last bill was $30 and that included the sandwich, calzone, a small side salad, one beer and a pop. The service there is also very good, I have heard they are hiring, it’s tempting to apply.

Unlike other new restaurants, they have fantastic hours, 11am until Late (I’m assuming they close on volume, which is fine). We went around 8:30 the last time and they were starting to close up shop when we left, but they weren’t kicking us out. Check out the Tomato Bar located on LaPort Ave here in Valpo, right near the Starbucks.


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