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The biggest problem I always have with bananas is that they tend to go brown before I an use them all, even if I purposely get them green. I have one left and I should just make bread out of it, but I know that’s not enough; it’ll go into a smoothie tomorrow.

I saw these two ingredient pancakes made from bananas on Pinterest and decided to give them a try. Normally I don’t trust stuff like that because they don’t seem to turn out right, but I was really impressed. The batter was a little thin and I broke all 3 of them trying to flip them (but honestly, I do that with normal pancakes to, so that’s a user issue).

This recipe is great if you don’t have all the other ingredients for normal pancakes, or just want something that is much more healthy. They’re gluten free (if you believe that, I don’t) and carb free. It’s very easy to change the flavor because all you have to do is add a different spice. I did cinnamon, nutmeg and some cloves. They look like pancakes, taste like bananas and are even sweet enough that you don’t need to use syrup. These will be good for a post work out, or a pre work day food.

Here’s what you need from the store:


Easy Banana pancake

1 Banana
2 eggs
Spice of choice

  1. Blend the banana and eggs together in your blender or with your immersion blender. Add your spices.
  2. Pre-heat your skillet with a little bit of olive oil. Drop a little bit of the batter onto the skillet. Wait until the edges are turning slightly white and bubbles come in the batter. Flip and cook a little longer.

That’s it. It’s very easy and very healthy. This makes about 3 or 4 pancakes depending on the size. They filled me up pretty well and I have a ton of energy.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring, it can taste indulgent and bad for you if you want.



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