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If you’re friends with me on other social media, you know I was on vacation in Florida last week. One of the hardest things on vacation is keeping up with a healthy diet. The first thought on the road is to eat whatever is easy, or you figure “why not, I’m on vacation”. I get it, trust me. Vacation was always the time to just let go and do things you don’t normally do. But, my friend and I were also trying to do our vacation on the cheap, so constantly eating out was less of an option. One of the best things we did was find a place to stay with a kitchen . This allowed us to get healthy foods for most of our meals, along with saving some money.

One of the things we got was a frozen pizza from Walmart. Now, I know you’re thinking that’s not healthy, but we got a plain cheese pizza that we added things to. We had gotten things to make salads; spinach, peppers, ect. We threw that on top with some salt, pepper and crushed garlic and a boring frozen pizza turned into a yummy veggie pizza with some health value.

On our last night we made pasta, which turned into an adventure because our available pots were one skillet and the smallest sauce pan possible. We ended up boiling the pasta right in the skillet then using the same skillet to heat up and doctor the sauce. I’m not a huge fan of canned pasta sauce; it never has the right flavor for me. We sauteed some garlic with spinach, red pepper, lemon juice and lemon zest before adding the sauce. In retrospect I would have added more lemon zest because the lemon flavor didn’t come out too much, but the canned sauce picked up some of the added flavor.

What I’m trying to say, with this random ramblings, is that it is possible to go on your vacation and still be healthy. Sure, we ate at both Disney parks we went to, but we made sure to eat something healthy at where we were staying. Epcot ended up being easy because we had some fantastic options in the around the world part (along with some wine for me!)

So, go ahead and indulge a little bit, just make sure to make sure it has a bit of a healthy element.


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