Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

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I have a tiny bit of a problem with picking up shifts. After being in tech last week on top of the 2 jobs, I told myself I would take it easy this week. That went out the window when I saw I was supposed to be off today and told a coworker I wanted to pick up a shift. I should have been sleeping this morning, but instead I went to work. Then, after work, I did my yoga practice, which was going to be light, and ended up doing just as much as I always do.

This has been a problem most of my life; I see a day off and feel that I have to fill it up with something. Last Friday I didn’t work, but the day was still filled with social things. Tomorrow I just have my show, but part of me wants to make more money. What’s wrong with me? I have ALL my bills paid off for next month, I can take a day off, but yet, my brain wants to work. I have one day off next and I’m going to try very hard to not pick up a shift. We’ll see how that goes.

That being said, I’m glad I actually got time to go grocery shopping and cook this week. Last week I was living off whatever I had in my fridge, heck so was most of this week until yesterday. I still have a TON of cucumbers from my parent’s garden, and while I’m going to do another batch of pickles, I was wondering to do with what I had right now. Then, it hit me while at work “I CAN MAKE TAZIKI” But, I couldn’t just make taziki sauce as a dip (ok, that in fact is what part of it is going to). I had been wanting salmon of some sort, and had the idea for some Greek inspired salmon quesidillas.

This recipe is super easy, and the taziki and lemon whipped ricotta are the same that I used when I made the salmon burgers a few months ago. My only wish was that the quesidillas weren’t a messy as they were, but the flavors are there.

Greek Inspired Salmon Tacos

Here’s what to get from the store:

Fresh Dill
Fresh Basil
Fresh Mozzerella
Black Olives
Corn Tortillas

Greek inspired Salmon Tacos

1 recipe whipped ricotta
1 recipe taziki
Zest of 1 lemon
Balsamic Vinegar
2 slices cucumber
2 slices tomato
Few sliced black olives
2 basil leaves, sliced
Salt, pepper
2 corn tortillas

  1. Make the taziki and ricotta, recipe here.
  2. Marinate your salmon in the zest and juice of half a lemon, a drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar, few sprigs of dill and salt and pepper.
  3. After about a half hour, brown the salmon in a skillet until cooked through. Flake apart.
  4. To build your quesidilla: Put the ricotta on both of the tortillas. Put a layer of cucumber, tomato and mozzarella. Put the salmon on top, add more mozzarella and chopped fresh basil.
  5. Put the top on the quesidilla and brown on both sides. Cut into four pieces and serve with the taziki sauce.

After practicing yoga steadily for over 7 months now, I can finally get into crow pose without falling over. For someone who is inherently clumsy (thanks for that, mom) being able to put all my body weight on just my two hands is amazing for me. I have noticed more changes with my muscles these past few weeks than I have in the past few months. I can feel the muscles in my legs when I move and I can actually see my abs when I flex. I can’t believe how strong I’ve gotten and I feel amazing.


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