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My garden is going well so far. The tomato plant has a flower starting on it, one of the onions is poking through and the basil looks like its on its way to seasoning many Italian dishes. I’m really excited. Besides the failed attempt at garlic a few years ago, I haven’t really grown food before. Granted, keeping growing things alive wasn’t my expertise anyway. I was pretty proud of myself when I kept Charlie catus, the bamboo and the filidendrum alive for a long time. Charlie catus finally died when he got pushed out of his pot one to many times. Either way, I can’t wait until early fall when we have some fresh tomatoes, garlic, and onion.

I made those crackers again since they were such a big hit. I had told my dad about them and he wants to try some, so I had to throw a few in the freezer so they wouldn’t get eaten. I made more than I did last time, but I’m sure they’ll be gone when I get home from work. I discovered that using a pizza cutter is much easier to cut the dough than using a knife. I’m not sure why I didn’t do that the last time.

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Growing again

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Remember a few years back when I tried to grow garlic and failed because I kept harvesting it way to early? Well, I’m trying again just armed with better equpitment and more knowledge. This time I’m growing a tomato plant, onions, garlic and basil. I bought starter tomato, basil and onions. I’m using some garlic we had sitting around the house. They’re planted in a pot that attaches to the railing of the balcony. Now, I just have to watch them and help them grow. Hopefully in the fall we’ll have some very tasty home made salsa.

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Probably a green thumb failur

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I get very impatient when growning things. Two of the garlic bulbs looked ready to harvest, but they weren’t. I killed both of them. There is still one more that is going strong. Thanks to the weather, I was able to put it outside, which has helped it a lot.

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Woops, skipped a week

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It seems that not only I skipped a week of the garlic growth updates, I almost skipped another week!. I blame the rehearsals for my show starting and keeping me on campus 12 + hrs a day with no break. Joy. Next week is spring break for us Ball Staters, so I’ll be out of town. I hope the plants can handle a week without me, I’m sure it will be fine though.

Clobe #1 looks almost ready to harvest...!

Clobe #1 looks almost ready to harvest...!

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Growing on up!

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At week 3, my first clobe is slowing in growth a bit, but thats no suprise. It has 3 little shoots while the other 2 just have 1(or 2, now that I look at the picture). I’m hoping to be able to move them outside by late March/April so they can grow a bit better.

Week 3

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More Growth!

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Week 2 with the garlic, the 3 are sprouting wonderfully. I can’t wait to harvest them in the next few months!

3 healthy sprouts!

3 healthy sprouts!


I’m also growing some flowers in the other half of this sign post thing. I’m kind of wondering what will happen growing them together.

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I decided a few days ago to grow some garlic for myself. Mainly because I found a clove already sprouting in my cabinate. Now I have 3 planted, 1 has been sprouting for the past few days. I’m going to be putting pictures up once a week to show progress. Here’s week one!

My tiny sprout!

My tiny sprout!

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