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I haven’t cooked anything this week, I haven’t had the energy and the only thing I’ve wanted is mac and cheese (which I’ll probably make next week when I’m off) and I’ve been trying to eat healthier. I gained some weight and wasn’t too happy about that.

Anyway! I talk a lot about physical health and eating well, and that’s very important. But physical health is only part of that. Mental health is also very important, and while we’re starting to talk about it more as a society, it’s still not enough.

I’ve been feeling a little down the past few weeks, part of it was the lack of sun, part of it was my last *short* relationship ending, part of it was me not practicing my yoga enough. To fix that, I’ve been pushing my yoga again, with the addition of a therapy light while I’m practicing. Surprisingly, that helps quite a bit.

I’m talking about this because earlier on in the week I served a guy who was the epitome of of an alcoholic. He started drinking double Kettle and sodas at 11:15 and barely changed until 3 pm when he started slurring a little bit. He kept talking about how “crazy” his weekend was and kept staring off into space. He kept blaming everything on other people, and didn’t believe me when I told him there’s always a good side. It reminded me that no matter how bad life seems, you have to find the good.

Everyone has problems, it’s important to find how you deal with them and make yourself happier. A lot of people self medicate, and while there can be a place and time for that, too much can cause problems (while it pays my bills). The good part of that is you can find someone to talk to. Finding someone to talk to, it can be someone you pay to listen, a friend, the whole internet, your pets, can help. And you know what, if you need meds, take the meds, it’s ok.

I’m lucky that I can fix my moods by what I do, some people need help. It’s ok to go get help. If you know a friend who needs help, just be there for them, don’t force them into anything; they’ll go when they’re ready.

Only other advice I have, drink more water. Do it. Drink all the water. You’ll feel better.

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