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You know, when you used to be big, it’s hard to explain to people who meet you when you’re thin how it feels. Recently I’ve been feeling very narcissistic, any why not, I look AWESOME. (You should see how many pictures I have on my phone of me flexing my abs in the mirror.) But, it’s more than the fact that my legs are almost all muscles, that I can see my abs forming, that there’s definition in my arms and shoulders. It’s how I feel when I wake up and see all that. I actually feel pretty hot, and that wasn’t always the case. There are very few people who actually know me from before, and I’m pretty sure they’re all family; so everyone I meet now just knows me as fit, confident Rachel. Sometimes, the old Rachel is still in there, but most of the time I can tell her to shut up.

I’ve been feeling amazing the past few months and I have to say, it’s great. It takes a lot of work to get to this point, not just physically, but mentally also. It makes me wonder about the people who have always been fit and attractive, if they’ve felt this way their whole lives. It’s a great feeling, it really is.

Yesterday, I was on Pinterest out of boredom and saw this recipe for buffalo chicken dip on celery. I didn’t want chicken, but I did want tuna. Tuna is the only meat I eat out of a can. I was afraid of it for a while, but tuna noodle casserole changed my mind. While I don’t eat that a lot anymore, I do still like things like tuna salad. Why not make some spicy salad?

This recipe is super easy, takes no heat, and is full of protein. (No mayo FTW)

Buffalo Tuna Dip

Here’s what to get from the store:

Canned tuna in water
Greek yogurt
Buffalo Sauce
Lemon Juice
Bleu Cheese Crumbles

Buffalo Tuna Dip

2 cans of tuna in water
1 cup Greek yogurt
2 scallions, diced
1 tsp lemon juice
2 tbsp (or to taste) buffalo sauce
Handful of Bleu Cheese
Salt, pepper
Celery stalks,cucumber, for serving

  1. In a bowl, mix everything together. Taste to adjust seasonings.
  2. Put in celery stalks or serve on the side for dipping.

The sun has been gone for a few days, which this time of year is normal, but we’ve had more sun this winter. The vitamin D I’ve been taking has been helping a lot, I still have the energy I’ve had with the sunny days. And, weirdly enough, my hair is stronger. I’ve also been keeping my nails painted and that has been keeping stronger. For the first time since I started food service, my nails are actually strong. Everything about me is much stronger and I have to say, I love the results


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This post has nothing to do with advocare, I’ve done a tuna pun recently so I thought this one would work. It did, it’s hilarious.

The show is open, tech week is done, previews are done, and we’re open. Normally, I don’t get post show depression until after a show closes, but the rehearsal process for this one was one of the best I’d ever been through. On Sunday after the opening, I was talking to Scott’s (my director’s) wife and she told me that he had been saying the best things about me at home. Granted, he had been saying pretty much all of those things to me; it was a weird rehearsal process in part but we had the best director/stage manager relationship and I’m going to miss it. I really hope we get to work together again.

That being said, I’m back to a somewhat normal schedule with work, which is also nice (I like money). I’d been living off my smoothies and salads for the past few weeks, and while they’re good, I wanted something different. I don’t know why, but tuna salad popped into my head.  I don’t miss my ex as a person, but his tuna salad, now that I miss. That was good. But, it was mayo based. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love mayo probably a little too much. That being said, I wanted to make something a little healthier. That’s where avocados come in. Avocados are great, they creamy, they have healthy fat and they make things taste so good. They’re a pretty great substitution for mayo in a lot of instances.

This recipe is very easy and doesn’t take any time at all. The longest part of this recipe is making the hard boiled eggs. I made a melt out of it (because, cheese) but if you want a  less carby option, you can throw it on a salad.

Avocado Tuna Salad Melt

Here’s what to get from the store:

Dijon Mustard

Avocado Tuna Salad

2 Avocados
2 Hard boiled Eggs, diced
2 pickle spears, diced
1 can of tuna
4 tbso dijon mustard (or more to taste)
Salt, pepper, paprika, lime juice

  1. In a bowl, mash the avocado until smooth. Add everything else and mix. Taste to adjust seasonings.

Super easy. The easiest.

I am now back to the size I was when I moved, but because I have more muscles, I’m technically heavier. It’s slightly annoying, but I have muscles now, so I can’t complain too much. I also know I’m in way better shape because I can go through a 40+ minute cardio workout and still go through 30-40 minutes of my normal yoga without feeling like I’m going to die. I’m hoping my abs will start coming through, they’re there, they just have a little bit of covering on them.

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Can’t Tuna Fish

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There’s a show I watch on TLC called My 600 lb Life. It follows one person per episode in a year long journey to get down to a healthy weight. Something I’ve noticed about every since one of those people is that they have such an emotional attachment to food they don’t see that it’s killing them. Most of the time they have family members enabling them in their unhealthy lifestyle. A lot of times they don’t even understand what they’re doing is killing themselves.

The Dr. that helps them makes sure they lose weight before he does a gastric bypass, to make sure that they will be able to make the lifestyle change.  Every episode I watch, the person says “I didn’t know it would be this hard”. It’s very hard, you have to completely change a large part of your life. In the later episodes the Dr. sends them to a psychologist to help them with the underlying problems.

Something they do learn, as I learned, is that eating needs a balance. You need to eat mostly healthy, but until you’ve hit a goal it’s more important to stick to things that are better for you.

With the cold, I’ve wanted some strong comfort food, and a lot of times that leans towards tuna casserole. Problem is, since I limit the amount of processed foods I eat, I wasn’t sure how my stomach would react to the Velveeta, so, I decided to make the cheese sauce. I made fried shallots to put on top. My stomach is not going to be happy, its a lot more grease than I’ve had in a while.

This recipe is not healthy, but it is low processed. (I did put broccoli in it, yeah fiber). It is easy, but it does have a few steps.

Tuna Casserole with Broccoli and Fried Shallots

Here’s what to get from the store:

Egg noodles
Shredded cheese

Tuna Casserole with Broccoli and Fried Shallots

For the Shallots:

2 shallots, diced
Equal parts flour, panko, cornmeal
1 cup buttermilk
Salt, pepper, paprika, cayenne

For the Cheese Sauce

3 tbsp butter
3 tbsp flour
1 shallot, diced
2 cloves garlic, smashed
2 cps milk
2 cps shredded cheese
Salt, pepper, cayenne, paprika

For the casserole

Cheese Sauce
Fried Shallots
Egg noodes
1 large can tuna
1 cup cooked broccoli

  1. Put the flour, panko, cornmeal and seasonings in a bowl. Put the buttermilk in a separate bowl. Dip the shallots in the buttermilk, then the flour, then buttermilk and flour again. Fry in a cast iron skillet with canola oil until brown. Put on a paper towel and season with salt. Set aside.
  2. In a skillet, melt the butter and saute the shallots and garlic until fragrant. Add the flour and mix. Once it turns to a light brown, add in the milk and stir. Keep stirring until it starts to thicken up, then add the cheese. (I did sharp cheddar and a cheddar jack blend).
  3. Add the cheese, broccoli and tuna to the cooked noodles. Put in a square pan, top with more cheese and the crispy shallots.
  4. Bake in a 350 degree oven for about 20 minutes or until the cheese starts bubbling.

I’ve been pushing myself through my yoga recently, and my muscles are actually starting to hurt. It’s kind of great, honestly. Even though my back muscles hurt from learning hand stands, and my hamstrings and sore a lot, I feel amazing. I can feel muscles I never thought I had, and that’s really cool.

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Delisous Fish!

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I was scared of tuna until college. In my mind, no meat or fish should come out of  a can. If it’s supposed to stay cold to stay fresh, it should be in the cold aisle. Victoria showed me how awesome tuna noodle casserole was, however, and I fell in love. I had an amazing tuna melt while on tour a few years ago and I crave it every once in a while. Matt also loves a good tuna melt, and we used to make them all the time. One night while at the store, he had this crazy idea, why not make a tuna melt pizza? Now, when I first heard that, I thought “ew, pizza sauce and tuna salad?” but no, Matt’s idea was to just use crust, tuna salad and cheese. It’s genius, absolutely perfect. It’s so simple. Matt makes his own tuna salad (which I believe is the best, but maybe I’m bias), but you can just use store bought tuna salad. Granted, home made tuna salad isn’t hard either!

Matt’s Tuna Melt Pizza
tuna salad (either home made or store bought)
pizza crust or flatbread
cheese of your choice, cheddar is my favorite

  1. Make your tuna salad, take 2 cans of tuna, feed a little to the cat, mix it with about 1/2 cup of mayo, squirt of mustard, 2 hard boiled eggs, 1 tbsp of pickle relish. Spread the salad  on the crust and cover with cheese. Bake in a 350 degree oven for 15 mins or until wanted level of crispy-ness.
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